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USA US Nationals Skate Recap

Publicerad av XC Oregon - 2 januari

XC Oregon Decent day for the XC Oregon crew here in Houghton.  Brayton skied well to 7th place matching his skate result her...

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USA Hello from Houghton

Publicerad av XC Oregon - 31 december

XC Oregon Ok so it's been awhile since we've updated.  Thanks, Wes, for filling in.  There have been plenty of races since...

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USA All I want for Christmas:

Publicerad av XC Oregon - 28 december

XC Oregon Is one week of straight snowfall And I got it. After getting rain/mixed precipitation at the end of last week, I...

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USA Bozeman Classic Sprint

Publicerad av XC Oregon - 9 december

XC Oregon We went 4 for 4 in the qualifying, with Marshall winning the intra-team competition by taking 3rd. Kristina was 4th...

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USA Snow in the Nick of Time

Publicerad av XC Oregon - 7 december

XC Oregon We arrived last night in Bozeman, a couple days before the upcoming Super Tour here, only to hear that there  was...

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USA Kristina Rocks West Yellostone!

Publicerad av XC Oregon - 26 november

XC Oregon Congrats to Kristina Strandberg for winning the first distance Super Tour of the year in commanding fashion.  Kris...

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USA Happy Thanksgiving

Publicerad av XC Oregon - 22 november

XC Oregon From all of the XC Oregon members in West Yellowstone.  Brayton, Taylor, Wes, and I are staying at a nice rental h...

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USA Toughening Up

Publicerad av XC Oregon - 19 november

XC Oregon We don't have any Stuart O'Grady style wristbands to act as motivation on the toughness front, but we do have the w...

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USA XC Oregon Team Bios

Publicerad av XC Oregon - 12 november

XC Oregon You can find all the pertinent details about the ski team member at the XC Oregon Team Bios on the regular XC O...

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USA To Do Before Leaving For West Yellowston...

Publicerad av XC Oregon - 12 november

XC Oregon 1. Bank.  Deposit last paycheck, pay credit cards online, pay Berkley rent. 2. Wax new skis. They've been hotboxe...

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USA The Importance of Glue

Publicerad av XC Oregon - 6 november

XC Oregon I enjoy mounting bindings on skis myself. Although it's a far cry from actually having built the ski myself, I ge...

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USA Dear Bend,

Publicerad av XC Oregon - 27 oktober

XC Oregon It's time to turn off your sprinklers. Your hard work through the summer at watering the grass and pavement has cer...

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