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USA Nice to be back

Publicerad av Kikkan Randall - 4 maj

Kikkan Randall I am going to echo Andy’s comments and say that it is good to be back in a training rhythm.  After spending...

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USA Anchorage hosts first international Fast...

Publicerad av Kikkan Randall - 14 januari

Kikkan Randall HISTORIC FIRST FAST AND FEMALE EVENT IN ALASKA IS A HUGE SUCCESS More than 160 Girls Join US Olympian and World Cup...

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USA Getting ready in Kuusamo

Publicerad av Kikkan Randall - 27 november

Kikkan Randall Greetings from Finland!  My apologies again, for a long lapse since my last post.  Since my last update from my t...

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USA The Canmore Alliance

Publicerad av Kikkan Randall - 8 oktober

Kikkan Randall While many of my other US teammates are at a camp in Lake Placid this week, I decided to work on some foreign relat...

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USA August Update

Publicerad av Kikkan Randall - 1 september

Kikkan Randall August has been a good month.  Here’s a summary of what happened: July 28-Aug 3 We kicked off a six-week blo...

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USA Glacier Camp Photos

Publicerad av Kikkan Randall - 23 juli

Kikkan Randall Just got down from the third glacier camp of the summer.  Weather conditions varied from bright sun, to wind and f...

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USA Glacier skiing and playin’ it safe

Publicerad av Kikkan Randall - 3 juli

Kikkan Randall I just got down off of Eagle Glacier for our second APU on-snow camp of the summer. It hardly seemed like summer up...

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USA A Nordic Wedding

Publicerad av Kikkan Randall - 3 juni

Kikkan Randall A Nordic Wedding in Pink & Platnium   On May 16, 2008 I tied the knot with Canadian skier Jeff Ellis at th...

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USA Back on my feet again…

Publicerad av Kikkan Randall - 23 april

Kikkan Randall Yippee, I’m out of the hospital! After spending the last six days couped up in a hospital bed, tethered to a...

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USA Back to Square One, Again!

Publicerad av Kikkan Randall - 15 april

Kikkan Randall I’ve spent the last ten days waiting to feel better.  Post clot-busting surgery, the prognosis for recovery...

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USA On the mend

Publicerad av Kikkan Randall - 4 april

Kikkan Randall Just got out of the hospital for the second time in a five days. The back pain I encountered earlier last week tur...

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USA Hanging on the sidelines…

Publicerad av Kikkan Randall - 28 mars

Kikkan Randall Hey.  I left BC this week with high spirits after a great week of competition at Canadian Nationals and hoped to c...

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