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USA Russia World Cup

Publicerad av Andy Newell - 18 december

Andy Newell YEAH!!! what a weekend! congrats to kikkan! this is a huge step forward for the US XC Ski team.

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USA Video Update

Publicerad av Andy Newell - 12 december

Andy Newell Dec. 11 2007

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USA Davos 15k

Publicerad av Andy Newell - 8 december

Andy Newell Dec. 8 2007, Yeah… that wasn’t the distance world cup debut I was looking for. It was a rough day for me as w...

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USA Davos update

Publicerad av Andy Newell - 7 december

Andy Newell Even though we’ve escaped the darkness of northern Scandinavia it has been a tough couple days for me here in Swi...

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USA 15km classic recap and on to Davos…

Publicerad av Andy Newell - 5 december

Andy Newell That was a false alarm for me on the Kuusamo 15k. I woke up in the morning with some serious lung burn from the spr...

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USA Kuusamo

Publicerad av Andy Newell - 1 december

Andy Newell It was an exciting day today at the Kuusamo drag race! This course is pretty sick. The first half consists of the s...

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USA Finland

Publicerad av Andy Newell - 27 november

Andy Newell We’ve been in Finland for three days now. The travel over was pretty uneventful. From my house in Vermont I have...

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USA Update 1

Publicerad av Andy Newell - 26 november

Andy Newell It feels a little weird to be home in Vermont during November. It’s been several years since I’ve been able to...

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