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USA What the heck is going on?

Published by Kris Freeman - 26 January

Kris Freeman You might well ask - we haven't exactly been up to date with the updates lately. The long and short of it is that K...

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Published by Kris Freeman - 18 January

Kris Freeman I came into the Whistler pursuit believing that I was fit enough to win.  I was too hyped up and excited.  I felt...

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USA La Clusaz race report

Published by Kris Freeman - 7 December

Kris Freeman Well, it wasn't a good day at the races for Kris. His fitness appeared to be right where we expected, but the combi...

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USA La Clusaz

Published by Kris Freeman - 4 December

Kris Freeman Kris is in La Clusaz with Justin Wadsworth and Oleg Ragila as his support staff. The crew made it onto their Zurich...

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USA Big Cluster

Published by Kris Freeman - 1 December

Kris Freeman Our delay in Rovaniemi was nice while it lasted, but it meant a late night - arriving at the hotel in Helsinki at a...

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USA A Decent Disappointment

Published by Kris Freeman - 30 November

Kris Freeman Kris was 16th (tied) today in Kuusamo. It's not the result he was looking for, but it's quite respectable for a bas...

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USA Thanksgiving Update

Published by Kris Freeman - 27 November

Kris Freeman All of us Americans in Kuusamo seem peripherally aware that it's Thanksgiving today. Happy Thanksgiving! Kris celeb...

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USA Solid Start

Published by Kris Freeman - 22 November

Kris Freeman Kris was 20th today in the World Cup opener in Gallivare. It is (by his calculation) his best-ever points race in a...

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USA World Class Support

Published by Kris Freeman - 20 November

Kris Freeman It is no secret that the US XC Ski Team has a small budget compared to most of the nations on the world cup. In the...

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USA Small update

Published by Kris Freeman - 19 November

Kris Freeman I’m in Berlin, about to catch a flight to Stockholm and then on to Gallivare. I spoke with Kris yesterday to...

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USA “The good new is I raced like crap”

Published by Kris Freeman - 16 November

Kris Freeman “And the bad news is I was 1:18 behind Legkov.” Kris felt unsettled and awkward on his skating legs tod...

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USA Racing Time

Published by Kris Freeman - 15 November

Kris Freeman Tomorrow Kris starts his first race of the year in a FIS race in Muonio, Finland, against what looks like a full Wo...

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