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USA Sunapee

Published by Kris Freeman - 6 November

Kris Freeman Kris ran a 20:39 on Sunapee today. As discussed in the previous post, this is directly on target with expectation....

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USA Four Weeks

Published by Kris Freeman - 4 November

Kris Freeman It’s been four weeks since I updated this site, and the last thing that Kris wrote on his fasterskier blog wa...

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USA Whiteface

Published by Kris Freeman - 7 October

Kris Freeman I have had a good camp In Lake Placid so far.  I arrived here on October 1st coming off of a few weeks of fairly h...

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USA Lake Placid Update

Published by Kris Freeman - 7 October

Kris Freeman The US Ski Team has been in Lake Placid since the middle of last week for their annual Fall training camp in the Ea...

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USA Big News

Published by Kris Freeman - 28 September

Kris Freeman Just kidding. No big news. Kris is back from New York, and just finished a five hour pursuit OD session. In general...

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USA Gathering Steam

Published by Kris Freeman - 20 September

Kris Freeman Everything continues to look very good for Kris. He did his first OD session since August today, and felt excellent...

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USA Back in the saddle

Published by Kris Freeman - 17 September

Kris Freeman Kris had a very minor cold when he got home from Park City. But he’s feeling much better already. Yesterday h...

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USA Fallout

Published by Kris Freeman - 15 September

Kris Freeman Every bomb has some fallout, the Kris’s high blood sugar day on the 6th was no exception. We decided that he...

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USA Democratic National Convention

Published by Kris Freeman - 1 September

Kris Freeman Last week I had the opportunity to speak at a luncheon at the the Democtratic National Convention.  I spoke on...

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USA six hours

Published by Kris Freeman - 12 August

Kris Freeman One of my staple workouts is the six hour over distance session.  After experimenting with different durations of...

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USA Top Notch

Published by Kris Freeman - 5 August

Kris Freeman I won the  Top Notch Triathlon for the third time on Saturday, August 2nd.  The race has a very untraditional fo...

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USA First Entry

Published by Kris Freeman - 30 July

Kris Freeman I arrived in Whistler on July 17th to execute my first intensity block of the training year with my coach Zach over...

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