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USA Branbury Classic

Published by Kris Freeman - 15 July

Kris Freeman I had a solid race today at the Branbury Classic in Brandon Vermont. The event was a triathlon that consisted of a...

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USA Tuckerman Inferno

Published by Kris Freeman - 15 April

Kris Freeman I raced the Tuckerman Inferno Pentathlon yesterday. The race consisted of an 8.6 mile road run, a 5.5 mile kayak…...

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USA Telemark Ski Pond Skim Attempt

Published by Kris Freeman - 10 April

Kris Freeman   Skim Pond action from this afternoon; Kris Freeman sending it on tele skis!! A fantastic Luau Saturday – and w...

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USA Tour De Ski Start Rights

Published by Kris Freeman - 19 December

Kris Freeman Tour de Ski Start Rights Tour De Ski start rights are given to US skiers that are ranked in the World Cup top 30 in...

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USA Thirty-Seven

Published by Kris Freeman - 25 October

Kris Freeman I turned 37 this month. On my birthday, my coach told me that since passing my prime years I had done a decent job...

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USA Great Interviews

Published by Kris Freeman - 21 October

Kris Freeman Noah Hoffman recently interviewed the CEO of USSA, Tiger Shaw, and the Vice President of Athletics, Luke Bodenstein...

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USA Tough or Stupid

Published by Kris Freeman - 12 August

Kris Freeman At its most basic, training is stressing the body in a specific way to make the body adapt and become stronger. Str...

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USA Great Intervals

Published by Kris Freeman - 20 September

Kris Freeman Check out Zach Caldwell’s write up of yesterday’s workout.

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Published by Kris Freeman - 31 May

Kris Freeman I like the first month of my training year to be as unspecific as possible.   I will begin roller skiing and stren...

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USA Yellowstone bummer

Published by Kris Freeman - 29 November

Kris Freeman I had a great fall of training and I headed out to West Yellowstone very confident in my fitness. I trained very li...

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USA Moosilaukee Duel

Published by Kris Freeman - 18 November

Kris Freeman   Classic Sprint Semi-Final in Canmore October 24th I spent the last two weeks of October training in Canmore Albe...

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USA Hard Track Intervals

Published by Kris Freeman - 16 October

Kris Freeman My brother and I went to the track to run 6 x the mile this morning. I wanted to target five minute miles with equa...

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