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USA Great Intervals

Published by Kris Freeman - 20 September

Kris Freeman Check out Zach Caldwell’s write up of yesterday’s workout.

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Published by Kris Freeman - 31 May

Kris Freeman I like the first month of my training year to be as unspecific as possible.   I will begin roller skiing and stren...

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USA Yellowstone bummer

Published by Kris Freeman - 29 November

Kris Freeman I had a great fall of training and I headed out to West Yellowstone very confident in my fitness. I trained very li...

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USA Moosilaukee Duel

Published by Kris Freeman - 18 November

Kris Freeman   Classic Sprint Semi-Final in Canmore October 24th I spent the last two weeks of October training in Canmore Albe...

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USA Hard Track Intervals

Published by Kris Freeman - 16 October

Kris Freeman My brother and I went to the track to run 6 x the mile this morning. I wanted to target five minute miles with equa...

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USA Top Notch and Wildman

Published by Kris Freeman - 9 August

Kris Freeman Every year that I have been in NH in early August, I have raced the Top Notch Triathlon.  It is a unique event tha...

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USA Whoops!

Published by Kris Freeman - 11 June

Kris Freeman Ok, so I said I was going to update this blog once a week. I have not lived up to that goal but starting now I am g...

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USA Waterville Valley Pond Skimming

Published by Kris Freeman - 7 April

Kris Freeman Over the Weekend I participated in my first ever pond skimming event at Waterville Valley.  I was asked to judge t...

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USA “Go For It”

Published by Kris Freeman - 22 February

Kris Freeman I have not been planning to race the 50k freestyle event tomorrow. However Eric Bjoernson got sick this morning and...

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USA Thank You

Published by Kris Freeman - 15 February

Kris Freeman I have been flattered and humbled by the supportive letters, emails, and texts that I have received over the last w...

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USA Winter Wonder Land

Published by Kris Freeman - 7 February

Kris Freeman Much has been made of the “tropical” climate in Sochi, and wether or not there would be adequate snow to hold t...

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USA Opening and Closing ceremonies

Published by Kris Freeman - 6 February

Kris Freeman Olympic Processing was a little less chaotic than than my previous three Olympic experiences. Athletes used to be i...

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