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USA Kuusamo to Lillehammer

Published by Andy Newell - 5 December

Andy Newell It’s been a busy week so it wasn’t easy to get a blog update in but here is a quick recap of what the US crew h...

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USA On Snow in Sweden

Published by Andy Newell - 17 November

Andy Newell Well we’ve made the yearly voyage to the far North in oder to find early season snow and racing and have arrived...

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USA Talking With VT Kids

Published by Andy Newell - 3 November

Andy Newell With just two weeks at home in Vermont this is always a pretty busy time of year.  We are coming off a solid three...

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USA Introducing Sven Can See!!

Published by Andy Newell - 27 October

Andy Newell With the start of the World Cup season just one month away it’s time for me to officially announce my new head-ge...

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USA Johansson Fest/ Park City

Published by Andy Newell - 17 October

Andy Newell Since arriving out in Utah the past week has been incredible, filled with a lot of first time adventures and great...

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USA Fallin’ and ski ballin’

Published by Andy Newell - 5 October

Andy Newell There’s no denying it that Autumn is the best time of year to be training around New England. For the past week t...

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USA Join The Club! Get the Gear!

Published by Andy Newell - 28 September

Andy Newell Today is the official opening of the Andy Newell Fan club on RallyMe! What is the Andy Newell Fan Club? It’s a co...

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USA From LP back to VT

Published by Andy Newell - 23 September

Andy Newell Lake Placid camp can kind of have the reputation of being a bit of a ‘soggy boot fest’ so to speak. Rows upon r...

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USA Bring on the Intensity

Published by Andy Newell - 5 September

Andy Newell With 3 days of hard rollerski racing in Norway and now that the first week of September upon us it’s officially t...

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USA Trondheim Video

Published by Andy Newell - 25 August

Andy Newell Made it back home to Vermont yesterday after spending one more hot sunny day around Trondheim getting in some train...

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USA Norway Week 1

Published by Andy Newell - 17 August

Andy Newell I’ll never be the one singing the praises of Norway… just can’t bring myself to do it. Too much pride. BUT at...

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USA VT Recovery Week

Published by Andy Newell - 4 August

Andy Newell Ah yes, I remember what it’s like to come back from New Zealand now…. Last week was a good reminder that althou...

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