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USANoodling Out

Published by Andy Newell - 30 July

Andy Newell The last week of training is well underway.  It is a volume week and certainly the most I have every trained. (Thi...

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USALighting Safety and the Fab 5

Published by Andy Newell - 12 July

Andy Newell By Emma Tarbath Rolling out of the halfway point, the crew stepped up hours and intensity for the “hard” week....

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USA(No subject)

Published by Andy Newell - 1 July

Andy Newell By Andrew Meyer   And just like that Nordic team collegiate has reached the halfway point of its’ summer trainin...

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USADP intervals and CrossCut runs

Published by Andy Newell - 28 June

Andy Newell We are about half way through our fourth week with Nordic Team Colligate and it was been a beautiful week in Montan...

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USAJim Bridger Race!

Published by Andy Newell - 25 June

Andy Newell By Elliot Ketchel We have just finished up our third week of training with the NTC. This past week was a bit of a r...

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USAExploring Bozeman

Published by Andy Newell - 21 June

Andy Newell By Erin Bianco Going into our third week of training Nordic Team Collegiate has been able to explore some amazing p...

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USABig Week

Published by Andy Newell - 18 June

Andy Newell By Greg Burt With the second week of NTC training underway, the team was in for a big week of intervals and long di...

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USASmall Feats

Published by Andy Newell - 14 June

Andy Newell By Olivia Skillings After a well-deserved rest day, the team met up for some classic speeds to kick start our high...

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USALactate Tests and Snowy Bounding

Published by Andy Newell - 12 June

Andy Newell By Nicholas Matelich,  First week of Nordic Team Solutions collegiate training in the books. Everyone on the team...

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USATT’s and Pounding Pavement

Published by Andy Newell - 7 June

Andy Newell By Sadie Peterson A group of college athletes based out of Maine to Minnesota to Colorado, and a few states in betw...

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USAIntroducing NTC!

Published by Andy Newell - 6 June

Andy Newell By Andy Newell  I’m excited to announce that we have officially started Nordic Team Collegiate training here in...

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USAMen’s Distance Podium

Published by Kris Freeman - 6 December

Kris Freeman Last weekend Erik Bjornsen skied the 3rd fastest split in the 15k classic pursuit race in Lillehammer Norway. The m...

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