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Sweden Heading for the sprint

Published by Martin Johansson - 6 August

Martin Johansson I think if your an athltete it's important to have a plan to have a goal or meaning about where your heading. But m...

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Sweden Back

Published by Martin Johansson - 3 July

Martin Johansson This season has been strange for me. A knee injury after falling and hitting it into a rock stopped me from EOC and...

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Sweden No EOC, training instead

Published by Martin Johansson - 24 May

Martin Johansson Yesterday I took the obvius decision to not go to EOC. I hit my knee into a rock last Sunday on Elitserien and afte...

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Sweden Resultat av årets Mustaschkamp

Published by Martin Johansson - 20 May

Martin Johansson Resultat av årets Mustaschkamp:

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Sweden Moppemusche för Cancerfonden

Published by Martin Johansson - 7 May

Martin Johansson Tänkte att min fjuniga skäggväxt kan bidra med något i denna värld så jag hoppade på Mustaschkampen. Vi kör...

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Sweden No Trondheim

Published by Martin Johansson - 4 May

Martin Johansson Today it was ment that we should have travelled to Trondheim with the national team for WOC preparations. But due t...

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Sweden This weekend: 10-mila and Elitserie spri...

Published by Martin Johansson - 28 April

Martin Johansson The snow hasn’t still given up it’s existens, due to all climate changes it refuses to totally disapear...

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Sweden Heavy to run in the forest

Published by Martin Johansson - 20 April

Martin Johansson The snow is melting and I dropped the skiis for good for this season. Today I had some uphill intervalls with Julia...

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Sweden France and Spain

Published by Martin Johansson - 30 March

Martin Johansson So far so good is a suitable explanation of my startup for this season. First five quite easy days in the Madrid ar...

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Sweden Changing the season

Published by Martin Johansson - 17 March

Martin Johansson This night I came home from a sunny Spain after 6 days in the Madrid region. Before that I finished 19th in Vasalop...

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Sweden StafettVasan nästa

Published by Martin Johansson - 2 March

Martin Johansson Efter att ha haft några sega veckor med dålig rygg och tung kropp börjar det kännas lite bättre. Det är inte...

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Sweden Tungt

Published by Martin Johansson - 15 February

Martin Johansson De senaste veckorna har varit tunga. Känns som om jag bytt kropp med någon, vem?

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