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Norway Tour de Ski 2011 is over

Published by Vegard Ulvang - 14 January

Vegard Ulvang My congratulations go to Justyna Kowalczyk , Dario Cologna and all the athletes for excellent performances througho...

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Norway Season kick-off in Zürich

Published by Vegard Ulvang - 4 October

Vegard Ulvang Numerous technical delegates, chiefs of competition and members of the CC committees came together for the traditio...

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Norway Antalya update: 2nd successful meeting d...

Published by Vegard Ulvang - 1 June

Vegard Ulvang The second meeting day is over and we had some very interesting discussion. On the schedule were the Sub Committees...

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Norway Cross-Country meetings kicked off

Published by Vegard Ulvang - 31 May

Vegard Ulvang Today the Cross-Country meetings kicked off with the executive meeting this morning. I have to say in advance that...

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Norway Exciting Pursuit race

Published by Vegard Ulvang - 20 February

Vegard Ulvang The pursuit of the ladies was a great show. We saw very good performance under great conditions and the sun of the...

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Norway What a dramatic day

Published by Vegard Ulvang - 18 February

Vegard Ulvang It was a great day with nice weather and good snow conditions.

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Norway Six nations on the podium

Published by Vegard Ulvang - 17 February

Vegard Ulvang We saw great races on Monday in the individual start

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Norway Last Tour Blog

Published by Vegard Ulvang - 17 January

Vegard Ulvang First of all congratulations to all athletes for excellent performances, and to sponsors, organisers and all other...

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Norway Another step forward

Published by Vegard Ulvang - 7 January

Vegard Ulvang Congratulations to all athletes for excellent performances on the Tour so far. In my opinion - this year from watch...

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Norway Different opinions

Published by Vegard Ulvang - 30 December

Vegard Ulvang Reading newspapers and speaking to Cross-Country fans, athletes and coaches from different nations can sometimes be...

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Norway Impressions from the first World Cup wee...

Published by Vegard Ulvang - 3 December

Vegard Ulvang When walking around between the athletes and coaches during the first World Cup (WC) weekend, you could almost touc...

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Norway Season kick-off in Zürich

Published by Vegard Ulvang - 1 October

Vegard Ulvang A large part of the Cross-Country family met in Zurich last weekend. Organisers, committee members, TD s and TV exp...

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